Building a better me

I started my Wright loss journey a while back I went to Beachbody as it worked for me in the past… I’ve joined the gym …and added Beachbody performance line to my workout and eating regiment… ( here is a link to learn more )

There are many options in how you can build a ” stack” but this stack has worked for me …

and now I am a coach helping others … it’s been only a few weeks of working out… to be exact but have noticed a big change..

i feel more like me again… if that makes any sense.. I woke up tired .. like I had not slept in years although I set the alarm so I sleep 8 hours.. I always felt sluggish.. moody and depressed … not anymore … now I feel more 💜energized💛happy ❤️healthy and full of life ready to tackle the day…

I make sure I hit the gym early in the morning

Right when they open at 5am .. it’s an early start for me .. but I know it’s out of the way I’ve done what I need to do… and when I leave it’s nice and sunny ( well prednisone not today ) but bright outside

It’s been 2 weeks and I can finally see some muscle developing!!!!

I’ve added guided meditation to the end of my day and it’s really helped me with the stresses in my life 🙂 just loving this journey called life… and thanks to Beachbody .. I’m transforming into a new prednisone me and just love helping others… want to learn more?!? Take a look if you’d like …

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