I found thsi online and using/posting this just to reserach … and see how and if we are the same family … In the cover of my copy – and see also pp. 32-33 – of Bishop’s Castle (Shopshire) Urban Register of Baptisms and Burials for 1760-1790 – is the following story:

“A friend had called on John Wingfield, who was curate here and not finding him at home, wrote the following lines and stuck them on the knocker of the door—

“The Bishop I find had a castle behind

but the Bishop and Castle are flown.

For the Bishop, God wot

Could not dwell in spot

Which Satan had marked for his own.

Then fly Wingfield fly, ere the wrath from on high

This damnable place has o’er taken.

What Curate of Grace

Would dwell in a place

By God and the Bishop forsaken?”

1790s-1830.  Rev. Thomas Wingfield, Rector of Tickencote, Rector of Bulwick (Northamptonshire), Rector of Finmore and Seaton (both 1811), Rector of Teigh and Rector of Stapleford (Leicestershire; both 1815).  He was the husband of (i) Maria Torkington (d. 1799); (ii)Elizabeth Denshire (d. 1807).  His daughter Maria’s son was Rev Wingfield Douglas of Calcutta, India.

1789-1851. Rev. Charles Wingfield (Onslow Line, 1770-97). Rector of Preston Montford (Shropshire). Married Letitia Jenkins.

1795-1836. Rev. Canon Rowland Wingfield, built Rhysnant Hall, County Montgomery, Wales, (1775-1851), grandfather of Walter Clopton Wingfield, the founder and patentee of Lawn tennis in 1874); held Yockleton and Westbury Manors; Rector of Ruabon (Shropshire) and Cano of St.Asaph from1819; married September 9, 1798 Margaret dauhghter of Clopton Prhys (Anne Clopton was goddaughter of Queen Anne).

  1. Rev. John Wingfield was Perpetual Curate of Putney [now South London]. Possibly identical to one of the above.
  2. Rev. James Wingfield, u/i, Rector of Thurstaston near Birkenhead (Merseyside), died September 26. [Ormerod, History of Cheshire, I, 1819, Monument Werburgh Abbey (20 miles south), p.2. Not clear: the Abbey became Chester Cathedral after 1542].
  3. Rev. Thomas Winfield [sic] in charge of the Chapel of Aughton (Lancashire); and in 1808-15 he was the vicar at Halton (Lancashire) near Lancaster. [VCH Lancashire, V, p.126 – which lists “The West Derby Hundred of Aughton – at V, iii, 299: “Small chief rent one of seven for 1s/6d for Winfield”; VIII, p.126]

1816-25.    The Honorable and Rev. Edward Wingfield (1792-1825), my 3greats grand-

father was Rector & Vicar 1816-25 of Bagenallstown aka Muine Beagh, County Meath and 1817 of Myshal, County Carlow, both in Ireland.  He was the 7th vicar of St. James, Phoenix Park, Dublin 1821-25, “the Lord Lieutenant’s Church”. He lived at Myshall. See Bagenallstown sub Ireland above and FRANCE, Strasbourg Cathedral.

1820s-80.  The Hon. & Rev. William Wingfield, Rector of Abbeyleix, Queen’s County, Ireland, half-brother of the above. [1799-1880,  “Old Uncle William”, Powerscourt Line].

1820s-1830. Rev. Edward John Wingfield (1802-dsp 1830 in Oxford).  Son of Rev. John Wingfield above and brother of Surgeon Charles Wingfield (for whom Wingfield Hospital, Headington, Oxford – now the Nuffield Hospital – was named).

1830-56. Rev. Edward Oldfield Wingfield, M.A.1830-35: Rector of Tickencote; 1834-56: Rector of Market Overton.

1832-1897. Rev. Charles Wingfield (“Charlie”), B.A., 1859-1897. Husband of Mary C. Blake;1856-Undermaster at Westminster School;  1859-1871 Chaplain;  Reserve Fellow and Tutor of all Souls Oxford, 1859;  Rector of Welwyn (Herts) then Rural Dean; Honorary Canon of St. Alban’s 1877.  Son of Johnny VIII and Harriet Wingfield nee Lee; brother of Rev. Harry Lancelot Lee Wingfield. UTL.

1834–1872.  Rev. George Wingfield (1808-1876) Rector of Tickencote (Rutland) and of Glatton-cum-Holme (Huntingdonshire) until 1858.  Brother of General Charles Wingfield and brother-in-law of Harriet Wingfield nee Lee.  Married (i) Sophia  Wasey; (ii)  Persis nizagara Standley.  He was a brilliant horseman, but not a fit man.

1839-1913. Rev. William Wriothesley Wingfield was vicar of Gulval aka Gulvil, Cornwall – 74 years: a record.  [Wingfield Digby Line].  Born 1814, he was the eldest son of Judge (1819) William Wingfield of Bloomsbury Square, London WC (M.P. for Bodmin, Cornwall, 1806 and 1813, who married (i) The Sherborne Castle heiress, Lady Charlotte Digby in 1796), and (ii) Frances Wingfield nee Fortescue of St. George’s Hanover Square, London. He moved TO Cornwall for his health. His stepbrother was George Digby Wingfield Digby (who inherited Sherborne Castle, Dorset in 1856), and his son was William Wriothesley Mills Wingfield (1841-1900).

1843-74. Rev. William Frederick Wingfield (1814-74, son of John Wingfield, DD, above), Assistant Curate at St.Peter’s, Isle of Thanet, Kent; Curate of St. Mark’s, North Audley Street, London, 1843, entered the Roman Catholic Church 1845, MD (Pisa), married Charlotte Nicholls of Hyde Park Street, London, 1844.

1855-1891. Rev. Harry Lancelot Lee Wingfield, (Tickencote Line), 1855-56: Minor Canon of Rochester; of prednisone 11, Grange Park, Ealing, London (1899), Vicar of Market Overton (Rutland), Rector of Tickencote,  Curate of Stroud, husband of Sophia Shaw of Walcot, Bath, Minor Canon of Rochester 1855-1856;  1857-91: Rector of Market Overton; 1879-91: Rural Dean. Owned 213 acres of Stamford.  Large, jolly, bearded.  Picture in Market Overton Vestry.

  1. 1856-1929. Rev. Richard Winkfield (1837-1929) was appointed Headmaster of King’s School, Ely in 1870. –See LINKS, I, #11.1].
  2. Rev. William Wingfield (Onslow Line), Vicar of Leighton (Shropshire). Married Selina Hill.

1886-1954. Rev. Frederick Wyldbore Wingfield Digby (1866-1954), Vicar of  Coleshill, Warwickshire. Married (1) Mary Digby & (2) Catherine Pry.

1890s. Father Henry James Colsell Wingfield III and Rev Frank James Robert Wingfield (brothers). In 1830 – Henry Wingfield III’s grandfather, Henry Colsell Wingfield I founded The Wingfield Sculls, the famous rowing race, still extant, “to be rowed on August 10th – his birthday – for ever”). Henry Wingfield III’s father, Henry G.E. Wingfield II married Finetta Bertioli, (born 1811, living in 1811 at St.Mary in the Castle at Hastings in Sussex, died 1891); and they had three children: Jane (born 1859 at Clifton, Bristol), Frank James Robert (born September 1862 at Kensington, a Cambridge graduate, later ordained and living with his eldest brother at Knowle, Bristol), and their eldest, Henry de Colsell Wingfield III. In 1891 he was appointed Vicar of the Holy Trinity Church (Church of England) at Knowle, Bristol (where he – “Father Henry” – is shown, 2nd from right), a post he held until he died of heart trouble in 1913. A monument to him was built in the church tower (see picture). In 1893this third Henry Wingfield (born Keynsham, Bristol 1861) was living in 1871 at Marylebone, London and held land at (or lived prednisone at) Bovey Tracey, near Exeter, 80 miles to the southwest.

1909-1927.    The Rev. Lieutenant-Colonel William Wingfield, DSO (Distinguished Service Order,1917, Powerscourt Line, 1867-1927), grandfather of Richard Wingfield, WFS. 1909-11: Junior Curate of Wigan and Southport (Lancashire) and Curate of St.Paul’s Portman Square, London1910-17: Army chaplain.

1936-. The Very Rev. Richard Shuttleworth Wingfield Digby, Dean of Peterborough Cathedral, 1960.

1936-.  Rev. Stephen Basil Wingfield Digby, b. 1910. Vicar of Sherborne,.



(1). Sir Anthony Wingfield, KG (d.1552), Comptroller for Henry VIII, and Captain of the Guard for Henry VIII and for Edward VI, was an RC sympathiser. [Fox’s Martyrs].

(2). 1880s-1910. These Wingfields were not ordained in England: Rev. Henry Barnard Wingfield (Sonning & Hurst, Berkshire Line, b.1866) and his brother, the Rev. Albert Wingfield (born February 17, 1870,). They emigrated with their parents (William & Martha of Hurst, Berkshire and of Islington in London) and their siblings to Dunedin, New Zealand, where Albert was ordained at Epiphany in 1910.