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My great grandfather



Someone helped me translate a ” so called birthday card” … he lived in Berlin-Niederschönweide, Brückenstraße 23



Homemade Tomato Juice

So I have a couple of tomatoes left from prepping my salad this morning.. 🙂 one of my favorite things is to make homemade tomato juice and all you need is a blender really.  You could take all your ingrediants and boil them a bit first … to make them soft …or you could blend them all and then boil and cook them and run them through a strainer .. I have heard from freinds and family that they do it both ways… its whatever your personal preferance is … ME PERSONALLY ..



I like to take the listed indrediants below .. and boil them in a pot.. adding more water from time to time jsut not to burn the pot .. 🙂 Make sure you cook everything until its soft … then I drain the water ( I keep it and drink it later or use it in other smoothies . dont throw it out.. its where all your VITAMINS ARE!! ) …

I then place all ingrediants into my blender and BLEND.. its that easy! 🙂 If you like it spicy


add some


cayenne pepper

tabasco sauce or any other hot sauce you like

habaneros mmmm.. I love them …


12   cup water
2   Roma tomatoes
12   stalk celery
23   cup peppers sliced.. I like to get the pack at the supermarket or farmers market that is nizagara filled with the MIXED peppers…
18   lemon slice
12   green onion
a few drops of German Maggi Seasoning ( it comes in a bottle ) its a bottle with a red lid on it… the one from other coutries usually have a yellow top ( I found mine at the german deli at ) 

Genealogy recognition …

So..  a friend of mine wanted to find his birth father .. so with his information I researched .. got in touch with prednisone people .. and used Facebook …

Guess What .. WE FOUND HIM ..after looking all prednisone over the USA .. I found him in JAPAN!!! and they reconnected!!!

This is his testimonial … thank you Adam …

After a lifetime of searching today I reconnected with my birth father Brian Baughman biological uncle Karl Baughman sister Megan Shade Baughmanand brother Tyler Baughman and uncle Kurt. Never in a million years did I actually think this day would come but thanks to Tanja who was able to assist me in my search we reconnected via Facebook!!!!