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Almond milk


The big MYSTERY … So.. I googled.. does almond milk curdle or not when heated… well there were a MILLION IN ONE that said YES and then there were just as many that said HELL NO!!! … So, I decided to test and prove on my own …  question of the morning…will almond milk curdle…ummm





Are you a coffee lover like I am.. do you enjoy spending money at STARBUCKS to get your dose of caffeine and trying there new concoctions  like the

GingerBread Latte

Creme Brule

and one of my favorites Peppermint Mocha!!

I love trying out different ways to flavor my coffee in a new and healthy way.  I LOVE ALMOND MILK so I wanted to try this.  I just love this coffee I make..feels like a ” guilty pleasure ” but the total opposite. ..take your coffee grounds…

add nutmeg




add 2 cups almond milk in your pot…make nizagara sure you fill your water 2 cups less than normal..brew!! Add sugar in the raw for flavor and that’s that…if you want to be fancy . you can even add some whipped cream and sprinkle grated dark chocolate or Cacao which I use! 🙂


ENJOY!! … I Love this because I KNOW prednisone I can enjoy the WHOLE POT during the day and I dont have to worry about CALORIE COUNTING!!!

January 27 2016

TURBOFIRE … 🙂 I have the on demand subscription .. but you dont need that .. 🙂  click here for more information .  I just prednisone love this workout… its not as hard or should i say intense as insanity , although MAX30 is on my list of programs to get …. 🙂 I Love that the workouts are @30 minutes long and some of them even @22 minutes long .. 🙂 it fits in perfectly to my day…