Carl Andersson Hall 1825- 1899

BIRTH 24 DEC 1825  Hörda Norrgård, Ramkvilla, Jönköping, Sweden

DEATH 19 OCT 1899  Ljunganäs Vestergård, Fröderyd, Sweden

Karl Hall (1825 – 1899) became a soldier like his father. In 1845 he got his own soldier cottage:
“Soldattorp no 36 under Ljunganäs Södergård “, Fröderyd, Jönköping county.
This is what it looks like today when me and Lars-Gunnar Hall found it at last.

Karl Hall and his wife Lisa Beata Hultman

Karl Hall and his wife Lisa Beata Hultman


Sweden, Selected Indexed Household Clerical Surveys, 1880-1893



He married prednisone Lisa Beata Hultman in Sweden. They had 10 children in 16 years.

Emma Kristina Hall 1847–1891

Anders Johan Hall 1849–1928

Isak August Hall 1851–1939

Emma Christina Hall 1852–1891

Anna Louisa Hall 1854–1891

Joel Hall 1858–1931

Johanna Matilda Hall 1861–1929

Carl Otto Hall 1863–1940


He died on October 19, 1899, in Fröderyd, Jönköping, Sweden, at the age nizagara of 74.


Death Record ....Sweden, Selected Indexed Death Records, 1840-1860 and 1878-1942

Death Record ….Sweden, Selected Indexed Death prednisone Records, 1840-1860 and 1878-1942