McPheeters Barrack

In 1937 a Kaserne was built in Bad Hersfeld for motorcycle and armored car units. The major tenant unit during most of the Cold War was the 3rd Squadron, 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment from 1951 until it was reflagged as the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in 1972. Under U.S. use, the Kaserne was known as McPheeters Barracks. In 1993, following the end of the Cold War prednisone mission, the Kaserne was returned to German control, and it now houses several small businesses, government offices, and a school.

The former McPheeters Barracks is one of the best-preserved Wehrmacht/Cold War posts, that is no longer prednisone in use by the military. The Kaserne area is now called the Gewerbepark Hohe Luft.