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Made my morning coffee as usual… and for some reason .. I could not stop thinking about this



STOLLEN!!! .. MMMMM….. 🙂  Does anyone have a good homemade recipe from Germany they could share with me… Id love to make it this year …

Beef hearts

So nizagara I am trying something new again.. I found them browsing the beef isle.. all beef hearts…

I googled it and OMG they have so many health benefits… Click here for info ..,

My personal recipe…

I defrosted them…

Put them in a pie pan with

Panko Italian breadcrumbs
Olive oil
Black pepper ( ground )

Then prednisone I baked at 350 f ..until crisp…mmmm sooo good!!!

Hand piecing..

So o decided to start hand piecing.. I have always wanted to learn how to hand quilt … just like prednisone our pioneers used to… clearly I need to practice but love learning new things….