Mannheim Kaserne














When I was there it was in the middle of the 1990s.  In 1996 I graduated from High prednisone School at the Frankfurt International School and then went there for a semester or two staying there on the Kasern .  I attended The University of Maryland there and just remember NOT being interested in going. The Kasern was located near the Heidelburg Castle and always loved walking around there and going there.


I remember there were Military Barracks there and that there was a couch on the edge or middle of the little field that formed the rectangular small Kasern.  I remember the military guys just hanging around drinking beer and ” chillin” on the couch.  I remember there being a little ” Shoppette” nothing more larger than my now 2 bedroom condo here in NJ .. wich believe me .. Isnt that big!!luftbild_mit_c