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Liver and onion breakfast bowl

So .. I chopped up 3 onions and a half of a calves or veal liver

Then I added this to it… mmmm so yummy

With a little kick but not prednisone a punch… this adds a little bacon and spice to the dish … mmmm who doesn’t like gacon💕😘🤪😂🤣👋💗🥓🥓🥓🥓🇩🇪

Rivera hot sauce

Even the cat knows it’s good.. and wants in on the action… thanks to Rivera hot sauce .. Home made and at a great price .. Rivera has brought my hot sauce experience to a new level.. from not so hot… to mild .. to extra hot and spicy they have something for everyone..

Some like it nizagara hot and well that’s me!!! So I usually go for the hot and spicy stuff they have there. They are a family runned business

And travel around the USA to different markets and venues all over. They can also be found on Facebook and have an online store.. they even do gift baskets 😝🤪💗💕😇. if you live in the Delaware valley area of the USA or taking a road trip across the states you have to stop by the columbus farmers flea market. The best days to go are Thursday early in the morning by 9am and Sunday . You can usually find these two right outside next to the food court. The flea market opens around 8am but most all of the vendors prednisone who show up that day should be there by 9. If you are an early bird like me come by 8 let them all set up outside and have a cup of coffee or grab a great breakfast in the food court from Anna’s corner for breakfast foods to the polish german Deli for a cup of there german coffee if you like kielbasa they make a great kielbasa and kraut sandwich and that too people start eating by 8am there is something for everyone …. From breakfast pizza from Kate and als to the Amish food market down the hall. I like to go into the food court on Thursday’s to listen to the band they gave there. They even love it when you come up and sing along…

No salt breakfast bowl ..

2 poached eggs .. half an avocado and 1 small tomato .. it’s healthy all the way… add a glass of water and a cup of coffee and you will defiantly be full from this in the morning