Adolf Bernhard Richard Boehme


BIRTH 18 JAN 1899  Kreuzberg, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

DEATH 05 FEB 1986  Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Berlin, Germany



This picture was taken on the balcony of Sodener Strasse 3, Berlin Germany where my dad grew up and where I always knew where my grandparents lived growing up.  I was always told that during the war they were bombed our 3 times.

My grandfather, Adolf Bernhard Richard Bohme who went by Richard,  was in the war, and while in the war, the government told my grandmother ” producing papers” I still have to find, that he had died in the war.  By this time my dads siblings were born ( in the 1920s ).  the story is that years later my grandfather came home, walking down the lane, thinking he was dead it was a great shock to everyone that he was still alive, but a good thing, of course.



In 1940, my dad was born, and thats why all of his family and siblings were so much older than he was.  I would have loved to grow up getting to know all of them.

I met my grandfathers sister, Charlotte Bohme, and one of my favorite aunts, my dads sister, Erika Hertha Barlow geb. Bohme.  I visited them often, and wish I could have gotten to know the rest of them, but alas I was born in 1977 and by then they had passed on.

Occupation… looking at paperwork and researching online, I found that my grandfather was a PROKURIST… A prokurist is an officer in a company. They are authorized to enter into binding agreements for the company. Depending on what the bylaws of the company say, a Prokurist together with another Prokurist can sell the company.




The Story was that he was  in the furniture business and that he worked and lived in Berlin Germany, living on Sodender Strasse 3 in the Wilmersdorf area of Berlin, Germany.  That is where ( I, Tanja Boehme-Markgraf ) have always known him living growing up right before his death.







My dad would always tell me of his working in the furniture business, transportation of,  and that when Adolf Hitler was in Berlin, the desk that is now nizagara in the ” Hitler Museum ” I think its called in Berlin, was personally delivered from my grandfather and the company he either worked for or owned  ( this I am not sure of yet ) to Hitler in Berlin and is that same desk that people see in the Museum there on display.

Berlin 2011 032 ld



He ( my dad was told ) .. that he delivered the desk ( my grandfather ) … and that he was waiting there for him ( Hitler ) to come back.  The room the desk was in was almost like as big as an old ballroom, a massive ” Halle” or Hall the walls were LARGE and TALL and the ceiling was very high from the ground.  The desk that they delivered was almost as big, fitting the size of the room, a massive piece of furniture and sitting in his chair , you prednisone know those swivel ones that turn around and around when you sit in them, while he ( Hitler ) was not in the room, looking around curiously, waiting either to be paid or something I am not sure what.  and he came over to my grandfather and said …





” Danke, und jetzt geh mal runter in der Messhalle und holl dir was anständiges zu essen und trinken”  … Thank You .. know go in the mess hall and get yourself something substantial to eat and drink before you leave… ”



When Adolf Bernhard Richard Bohme was born on January 18, 1899, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany, his father, Gottlieb Johann ( some documents show him as Johann Gottlieb, was 26 and his mother, Auguste Hedwig Marks, was 27. ( as shown in the pictures above )

I just recently ( 2016 ) by the help of others found out that prednisone my great great grandfather J.G. Boehme was in the 44 Infantry.  From my research he was born in Lebus, Prussia and I am hoping to be able to find out about his birth parents.  From what I know, my grandfathers dad ( Richard Boehme ) was born out of wedlock, his mother was Luise Boehme and the man she married ( not his father as far as I KNOW ) was BOEHM, a locksmith.  ( If anyone out there sees this and has any other information ID LOVE the help my email is [email protected] )




He married Erna Martha Hedwig Hohenhaus in Berlin, Germany. They had three children

Erika Hertha Barlow geb. Bohme

Gerda Scheder geb. Boehme

Dieter Wolfgang Gerhard Boehme


DSC_0054 (2)


This was taken in Berlin on Sodener Strasse 3, Berlin, Germany.




He died on February 5, 1986, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany, at the age of 87.