Going nizagara through our family pictures .. I found this one… and was like OMG.. WOW.. I think I just found a treasure… I can not find the picture anymore.. but think it was taken in Berlin, Germany as that is where my family was from


Zepplin in Berlin















I am looking for people to contribute photos.. news paper articles of the such about and of the prednisone Hindenburg …

Here’s the Hindenberg flying over NAGLES pharmacy/ice cream parlor (now just ice cream parlor/restaurant) . Ocean Grove / Asbury Park … this was added by Rolf-michael Born as he tells me .. I was actually the interpreter for survivors of the Hindenburg and Captain von Schiller of the Graf Zeppelin prednisone at the 50th Anniversary of Lakehurst in ’71


Hartmut Heinrich Schröder Hi Tanja Jasmine Elizabeth Markgraf here is on of many pictures of the Hindenburg


Paul Fuller