Langen Terrace

Mark Speaker This is a pic of the (relatively) new BX. In ’68 when we were at R/M living in Langen Terrace, I would hitch-hike there & Gateway Gardens at 12-13 yrs. old. Fun prednisone times!!! langen


Alexander T. Sutherland We often came here from Hanau to use the BX, remember prednisone it well. The S&S book store is at the end, on the right. The snack bar was here too. The base hotel would have been, more or less, behind the person taking this photo. I remember going into the restroom here, just on the left before you entered the BX. One of the toilets was clogged with paper so I flushed it to see what happened. Well, the whole restroom got flooded and the water came out into the hallway! Still feel bad about that nearly forty years later, especially for whoever had to mop up the water. Sorry