Spiked chicken and dumplings .. mmm

So I had some chicken I got from the Amish market where I lived it’s seasoned already and all you have to do is heat it up.. so what did I do.,

I filled a crockpot with water .. added one whole chicken and a half .. since it’s already seasoned you don’t need much more..

I cut up 4 medium onions ( the kind that come in a bag at shoprite or acme ) into 4rs .. and then medium chunks..

I added 2 boullion cubes And about ( you can add more rum but I use 2 cups ) spiced rum

A little of each to taste

Ground black pepper ..thyme and cilantro

I had a tablespoon of this hot sauce I bought at our farmers market here in Columbus nj ( Columbus farmers market route 206 in nj … obviously duh!! ) so I used that.. then filled the bottle with water to get the rest of it out of the bottle..

O then added a 1 inch chunk of fresh ginger root and about one and a half cups of lemon juice… I then added 4 habanero peppers cut up.. and the juice of 4 clementines and let it cook .. crockpot on high for 4 hours now ..

add dumplings.. I get the ones already prepared by dr willi knoll at the German Polish Deli also located inside the farmers market … quick and easy to prepare

.. ( sometimes I let it cook all the way down to make a spicy pulled chicken … making pulled chicken sliders topped with cooper sharp cheese)

That’s that… enjoy!!

Memories of Medford NJ


Once called CheckCord Farm off of Branin Road. This photo was probably taken after 1970 and before 1985.


Settler’s Inn around 1964


Halloween Parade 1980s


Attending Girl Scouts 1980s







The constant clamor

We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul.

Reduce inner burden

A friend of mine wrote this …

English is not the best but message🌟😍🤗😇💗❤️ comes across perfectly!! 💫☀️💥💕💗❤️ I have heard , sharing reduce inner burden . You have some emotional problem in your in your heart , and you want to share to feel light , but if a person with whom you are sharing , they don’t care , and everyone is like that in your place . Then what is the best thing you should do ?

Well I have one option , share in Facebook .

You will get optismatic friends in Facebook to support you . They are not from your state , country but are families .

So tagging my friend far away , who supported me in the time of need .

Building a better me

I started my Wright loss journey a while back I went to Beachbody as it worked for me in the past… I’ve joined the gym …and added Beachbody performance nizagara line to my workout and eating regiment…

http://share.coach.teambeachbody.com/?lang=en-US&postId=792133&coachId=1647046 ( here is a link to learn more )

There are many options in how you can build a ” stack” but this stack has worked for me …

and now I am a coach helping others … it’s been only a few weeks of working out… to be exact but have noticed a big change..

i feel more like me again… if that makes any sense.. I woke up prednisone tired .. like I had not slept in years although I set the alarm so I sleep 8 hours.. I always felt sluggish.. moody and depressed … not anymore … now I feel more 💜energized💛happy ❤️healthy and full of life ready to tackle the day…

I make sure I hit the gym early in the morning

Right when they open at 5am .. it’s an early start for me .. but I know it’s out of the prednisone way I’ve done what I need to do… and when I leave it’s nice and sunny ( well not today ) but bright outside

It’s been 2 weeks and I can finally see some muscle developing!!!!

I’ve added guided meditation to the end of my day and it’s really helped me with the stresses in my life 🙂 just loving this journey called life… and thanks to Beachbody .. I’m transforming into a new me and just love helping others… want to learn more?!? Take a look if you’d like …

( if you live in the USA ) Click here

( if you live in Canada ) Click here

( if you live in the UK ) Click here


That’s right it’s coffee with the Orioles this am

German genealogy

Anyone interested in german genealogy might want to pick this up..it offers help in some script versions they used in the past