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Ell family line

I recently found the ELL family line researching my mothers Seidel side of the family …I am researching a Wentz.. Miller line … and was looking for some help .. and or others researching this family … I know nothing about them … just what Ive found on ancestry .. and now researching DNA matches .

Engelbert Miller (1842 – 1909)
father-in-law of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed
Anna Maria ‘Mary’ Miller (1880 – 1965)
daughter of Engelbert Miller
Leonard Schan (1880 – )
husband of Anna Maria ‘Mary’ Miller
Andreas Schaan (1848 – 1898)
father of Leonard Schan
Andreas Schaan (1874 – 1952)
son of Andreas Schaan
Marianna Ell (1876 – 1944)
wife of Andreas Schaan
Raphael Ell (1850 – 1930)
father of Marianna Ell
Michael Raphael Ell (1888 – 1947)
son of Raphael Ell
Johanna Barbara Ell (1910 – 1998)
daughter of Michael Raphael Ell
Otto Frederick Wilhelm Heise (1906 – 1980)
husband of Johanna Barbara Ell
Ernst Carl Max Heise (1868 – 1948)
father of Otto Frederick Wilhelm Heise
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise (1827 – 1915)
father of Ernst Carl Max Heise
Marie Johanna Pauline Heise (1862 – 1945)
daughter of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise
Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning (1886 – 1973)
daughter of Marie Johanna Pauline Heise
Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt (1921 – 2000)
daughter of Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning
Ingeborg Seidel (1941 – )
daughter of Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt
Tanja Jasmine Elizabeth Boehme
You are the daughter of Ingeborg Seidel

I am the first to be born in the USA and will be 41 this year … My parents in there 70s don’t know much of anything about our family .. just about all the family that they grew up with and were ” told about” .. as people in Europe didn’t speak about family much in those times… going down the line I found a line of Russian Germans… and this family

Rosina Wentz

BIRTH 1836 • Elsass, Russia
DEATH 11 APRIL 1920 • Hague, Emmons, North Dakota, United States
mother-in-law nizagara of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

married to an

Engelbert Miller

BIRTH 06 NOV 1842 • Russia
DEATH 26 MAY 1909 • Emmons, North Dakota, United States
father-in-law prednisone of brother-in-law of aunt of wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

Apple cider

Apple cider vinegar… there are so prednisone many recipes out there.. how do you like it.. straight up..

And organic like me… or in your favorite recipe?!?

Language unknown

Found this at work… someone gave it to me as they know I love genealogy .. I would love to get some help in translation..

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