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this day last year

So I am online on ancestry this day last year ……. and trying to find my great grandfather … and my grandfathers sibliings … our last name is Boehme … in german they spell it with an O as umlaut… now apparently some idiot has translated our last names spelling to Böhne..aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


yup I did it .. my heritage has this test on sale today for 59 bucks!! 🙂 super excited!!!!

About the mtDNAPlus test

Reach into the past through mtDNA testing to uncover the deep ancestral origin of your direct maternal line (your mother, your mother’s mother, etc.) and connect with genetic cousins.

  • Mid-level mtDNA test.
  • Tests both HVR1 and HVR2 (Hypervariable Regions 1 and 2).
  • Provides ancestral origin of the direct maternal line.
  • Includes HVR1 and HVR1+HVR2 matches.
  • HVR1+HVR2 matches are related within the past 28 generations.

The results include
Genetic matches, maternal ancestral origins, maternal haplogroup, haplogroup migration map, haplogroup frequency map, and test results certificate. No subscription fee will be charged we’ll continue to update you about new matches and other information regarding your results.

What level of mtDNA should I test?
The level of mtDNA testing you choose determines how many sections of the DNA will be examined. Comparing more DNA allows you to find your closest relatives and refine your maternal Haplogroup.

Available to males and females.


Dorothea Sophia Heise (born Peter)
Birth names: Miss Joachim Heise
Sophia Peter
Dorothea Sophia Peter
Gender: Female
Birth: Circa 1795

  Peetsch, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany
Marriage: Between 1814 and 1815

  Nitzow, Brandenburg, Prussia
Husband: Hans Joachim Heise
Children: Sophia Friedrika Henrietta HeiseJohann Karl Heinrich HeiseSophia Fredrika Christina Louisa HeiseJohann Friedrich Wilhelm Heise


Super Super Super excited!!! I just found records from my 4rth great Uncle … 🙂 found in the state archives in Shwerin … 🙂 yey!

Source Citation for Mecklenburg, Germany, Parish Register Transcripts, 1740-1918


Name Johann Karl Heinrich Heise
Event Type Death
Birth Date 13 Aug 1822
Death Age 84
Death Date 20 Okt 1906
Death Parish Mirow, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Deutschland
Parish as it Appears Leussow
Subcollection Evangelisch-lutherische Gemeinden Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Household Members
Name Age
Johann Karl Heinrich Heise


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Food journal 

So I’ve decided to keep myself accountable for what I eat… It’s 7am workout done…3 cups of green tea this morning and now a spinach egg white green shake for breakfast… 2 cups spinach .. Half a scoop protein powder ( vanilla) 1 cup water … Yum yum yum