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The Living Room and every other room in the house…

I found this online and thought Id share.. I found this so fascinating!  This is where I found it… !


In the late nineteenth century, decorative literature suggested a  living room to be a reflection of the personality of the designer, rather than the Victorian conventions of the day where there was a formal room designated for receiving guests. The rise of the living room meant the end of such a room that had been common in the Victorian period.

The term ‘living room’ was known since the mid 19th century.  This word was mainly coined to give a word to a space where the general social activities are performed. As there was a name for each room dedicated for specific activities like the bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen, et cetera, a name was supposed to be given to such a space which was a common place for all the members of the house where general living activities were performed. Thus, such a space was termed as the living room.

However, this term was not extensively used until the early 20th century. The use of the term by the common people started after the end of the World War I in 1918 prior to which it was called ‘The Death Room’. It was interesting for me to know the reason for which this front room of the house was given such a name and how things stacked up later so that this space was called the ‘The Living Room’.

It so happened that after the end of the World War, influenza was widely spread across the globe and millions of people lost their lives. There were deaths all around and the bodies were kept in the front room of the house for mourning before taking it for funeral. Thus, this room was then started to be called as ‘the Death Room’.

With the improving conditions and decrease in the number of deaths, the Ladies Home Journal suggested that this room was no more a death room. As it was used for various activities of the house and was more a lively place than a mourning room, it should be called ‘the Living Room’. Thus, the use of the term spread in common people.

Before the late nineteenth century, this space of a house was called a ‘parlor’. The term parlor was derived from a French verb ‘Parle®’ which means ‘to speak’. The term was given to the space because it was mainly a place for sitting and talking to various people. They may be the members of the family or guests. The function of this space was to carry out various formal or informal social functions of the house. With the advent of the term ‘living room’, the use of the term ‘parlor’ subsided.

“1175–1225; Middle English parlur  < Anglo-French; Old French parleor,  equivalent to parl ( er ) to speak (see parle) + -eor -or”

 There are some other terms associated with the naming of a similar space but have minute differences on the basis of the functions being performed in this space.

The term ‘Drawing Room’, can be synonymously used for ‘parlor’. This is also a space which is used for entertaining visitors. This name is derived from the sixteenth century terms ‘withdrawing room or withdrawing chamber’ . A withdrawing room was a room to which the owner of the house, his wife, or a distinguished guest who was occupying one of the main apartments in the house could “withdraw” for more privacy.

In larger homes in the United States and Canada, the living room may be reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining, while a separate room—such as a ‘den, family room, or recreation room‘ is used for leisure and informal entertainment. A ‘great room’ combines the functions of one or more of these rooms.

‘family room’ is an informal, all-purpose room in a house similar to a living room. The family room is designed to be a place where family and guests gather for group recreation like talking, reading, watching TV, and other family activities.

‘recreation room’ (also known as a rec room, rumpus room, or ruckus room) is a room used for a variety of purposes, such as parties, games and other everyday or casual use. The term is common in the United States and Canada, but is less common in the United Kingdom where the preferred term is games room. Often children and teenagers entertain their friends in the rec room, which is often located in the basement, away from the main living areas of the house. Usually it is a larger space than a living room to have the ability to serve multiple purposes and entertain moderately large groups.

 The term ‘Sitting Room’ is often used in place of a living room, although sitting room is also a space that can be seen in other public buildings such as hotels and public libraries for waiting or ideally sitting. The term living room is dedicatedly associated with residences.

craving Nutella?!?

craving Nutella..watching your weight like me… YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!! ITS SOOO GOOD!!!
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Total Time: 38 min.
Prep Time: 20 min.
Cooking Time: 18 min.
Yield: 16 servings, 2 Tbsp. each
3 cups raw hazelnuts
⅔ cup chopped dark chocolate (approximately 3 to 4 oz.)
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
½ tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
2. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Place hazelnuts on baking sheet in an even layer. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, or until light brown. Cool slightly.
3. If hazelnuts contain skins, place slightly cooled hazelnuts on a kitchen towel. Roll to remove as many skins as possible.
4. Place hazelnuts in a food processor (or blender); pulse until hazelnuts form hazelnut butter, about 5 to 8 minutes. Scrape sides as needed.
5. Place chocolate in a microwave-safe glass measuring cup. Microwave for 60 seconds on 50%; stir. Microwave for another 30 seconds on 50%; stir until chocolate is completely melted. If needed, microwave for additional 30 second increments on 50%. Do not overcook. Chocolate will melt as you stir it.
6. Add chocolate, extract, and salt to hazelnut butter; pulse until creamy and well mixed.
7. Store at room temperature for 2 to 3 weeks.

Italy earthquakes

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We have family in the Rome area of Italy and today they ( Italy  ) was hit with three earthquakes .. close to each other … thinking of all those involved and sending prayers for those affected .. I hope everyone is ok …


Three earthquakes have struck Italy, shaking buildings in Rome and Florence just months after almost 300 people were killed in one of the worst disasters in living memory.

Residents of the capital described their homes and offices shaking when the first tremor struck at around 10.25am local time (9.25am BST).

The US Geological Survey (USGS) measured the initial quake at magnitude 5.3, placing the epicentre in Central Italy at a depth of six miles (10km).


It was followed 50 minutes later by a stronger 5.7 magnitude quake, which caused Rome’s metro to be evacuated as a precaution, with some schools calling parents to pick up their children. Just 10 minutes later, a third earthquake measuring magnitude 5.3 hit.

Their epicentres were recorded at the same depth in Italy’s seismically active central region, just miles from Amatrice, the town devastated in August’s earthquake, which killed 234 of its residents.

There was no immediate indication of deaths or severe damage, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre said.

Antonio Tajani, the Italian president of the European Parliament, said tremors were “felt as far as Rome (but it) appears there are no victims.”

The quakes were also felt in Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche, La Repubblica reported, being followed by four smaller aftershocks.


Small tremors have reportedly been felt in Rome for several weeks but Wednesday’s was the biggest seismic event in several months.

It comes after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake killed at least 299 people in the country’s central regions in August.

That was followed by at least two more deadly earthquakes in Umbria and Marche in October, both measuring over six on the Richter scale.

Reconstruction efforts continue in towns and villages left reduced to rubble by the disaster, which forced thousands of people to shelter in emergency camps.

Italy’s Apennine mountains lie along an active fault line between the Adriatic and Eurasian plates, causing frequent seismic activity.

Seismologists say previous quakes have stressed the Laga Fault, which is rupturing.

Jan 8th Sunday .. after our first snow

So Jan 7th .. we got our first snow storm of 2017… the roads were icy… thick ice… we got around 6 to 7 inches this time …. on the 8th .. Sunday Morning .. I had to work .. and well .. I should not have … and so my husband told me ..


work was slow .. and the roads were really bad! … left work around 4pm in stead of the usual 5pm… prayers for those involved in that accident by the AUDIO CAR Place off 206 near the 206/route 38 intersection …

Left early from work today ..the roads are STILL BAD and my husband said I should have stayed home… and next time I TOLD HIM I WILL …. still in shock a bit… was almost involved in an accident tonight thank god!!! GOD IS SO GREAT he was watching me … 🙂 a car in front of me sped through a yellow light .. cops went after him .. … I went through the light when it turned green ..and the car that was in front of me was smashed … there was a toe truck smashed on the other side of the road .. and the cop car trying to catch him was also crashed… a minute later 10 cop cars 2 ambulances and 1 fire truck was already rushing past me going through the red light and intersection of 38 and 206 where the diner and WHITE DOTTE place is …




I don’t know when this came out .. but i was on my way home from work today .. and heard this .. i just had to turn it up



So today I joined Beachbody on Demand .. I am a full fitness coach and I am soo loving the programs they have to offer. NOT JUST THE DISCOUNTS.. BUT TO HELP OTHERS TOO!! I WANT TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE I CAN HELP JUST LIKE ME!!



PROGRESSION OVER THE YEARS 2011 – 2017 … if you are interested .. check out my link






January 2, 2017




What a wonderful evening we had last night…The hubby and I decided to stay home.. rather stay safe then be on the road last night … so we got some cheese and crackers… he made pretzels … ( I had to pause there for a second.. my mind was thinking in German and not in english … and could not think of the word for Pretzels…wich is basically the same word!! … SO I KNOW IM TIRED!!… OR SHOULD I SAY MUEDE! … We had a PJS kind of day … making breakfast in the morning … coffee… toast nothing special … showered as usual and then the PJS came back on …. For Lunch we each had a Calazone from a Place in Mount Laurel called Angelo’s 2… 🙂 Its run by a sweet family who Jim has known for the past 15 plus years… I have known Jim since 2009 so its been that long for me … 🙂 the food is amazing and so is the family … my kind of place !! 🙂

While he was out .. I was working on the family tree as normal .. 🙂 and found out a few things … last week that I was just confirming… 🙂

Marie Luise Böhme 1847–1911

BIRTH 22 JUNI 1847  Kienitz, Kr. Lebus, Brandenburg

DEATH 19 JUNI 1911  Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

she is my 2nd great-grandmother … I hope there are some pictures out there of her … somewhere … I would really like to go out there to visit the areas where they came from … Where she was born .. it is now poland… but not getting into all of that now….

My husband was so kind enough to get me a game for the xbox1 I have always wanted called FIFA … so we lounged around .. watched some TV .. went on the PC a little each of us …. not for long … and then went back to flipping through the channels … as usual nothing prednisone but reruns.. other than a show we both liked called ” WICKED TUNA ” … we love wild life kind of stories … and documentaries… so the marathon of that show was on … back to the xbox1 game… as I said … my husband likes Ice Hockey and I love Soccer .. or should I say Fussball! 🙂 SOOOOO.. it was on ..bewteen the two of us!  Thats when the shrimp cocktail came out.. or was that before … ( its 7am now and I don’t remember … ) … so we started with Shrimp Cocktail.. then he made some pretzels and dip for himself…

Around 8pm… we made a fire in the fireplace …. 🙂 it was so nice …. so we made homemade SMORES .. just had one .. 🙂 but it was sooooo good!! 🙂


By 9PM … we were ready for bed the both of us … him drinking monster and me drinking a snapple… we managed to keep our eyes open long enough for midnight … 🙂 once the clock struck 12.. it was off to bed!!

really …730… we managed to stay awake until midnight ..forcing it.. and drinking caffeine .. I think by 9ish we were ready to call it a night… but nope..we made it together into the new year!! 🙂 tried to sleep at least until 9 or 10 … but 7AM .. AND THIS GIRL IS WIDE AWAKE.. COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED… CANT SLEEP .. BUT WISH I COULD!! SO ..GOOD MORNING TO ALL OF YOU EARLY BIRDS LIKE ME!