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I, Tanja Jasmine Elizabeth Boehme ( now Markgraf ), grew up living in Frankfurt Am Main ( have to add that in there… there are a few Frankfurts in Germany ) from 1989 until 1999.



We lived in a housing area that everyone called HICOG that was right next to the Bundesbank and what we called ” the DUCK POND ” and Gruneburg Park.

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I was such a shy person back then.  Moving there when I was just turning 12 years old.  I met my still to this day my best friend Cassandra ” Cassie Dittmann” in 1991 ( Picture above ).  I then met another girl friend that I just came in contact with via Facebook.  We met in 1991/92 her name was Kimberly Loughner, better known to me as Kim of course and we were inseparable.    She lived in Frankfurt just around the corner from me, but sadly moved away a few years later, and we just lost contact.  Its 2016 now and we just reconnected on Facebook, and so happy that we did.

We lived at Joachim Becher Strasse and later moved to Jakob-Leisler Strasse near what they called ” the field house”  going to F.I.S. ( the Frankfurt International School ) This prednisone page is dedicated to those who also attended F.I.S. and its memories.



The talent show at FIS for our dance routine to ‘Come Baby Come’ by K7 – one prednisone of my best memories growing up, hands down!