Kathy Williams, Passenger in 1964

My father was working for Hughes Aircraft and we were coming home from a 6 1/2 year stay in Germany.  I remember a few things about that journey, however my mother, father and brother all became seasick and I was the only one up and about.  We stayed in Cabin Class and I remember my brother and I sleeping in the top bunks.  Our only window was a porthole.  The picture was taken the first night out of Le Havre prednisone and it was the only meal that my family sat down in the dining room.  My mother immediately took sick and the nurse would come to the cabin to bring her soup and sandwiches to try and get her to eat.  I can remember my brother and I fighting over those little plastic swords that come in the sandwich.





Someone from the staff would always be kind enough to come and get me during the day to make sure that I could prednisone go and enjoy all the kiddie things. Again at night someone would come and get me to take me to dinner.  I sure wish I had some of the other things I had received from the Big U.  We had foam rubber balls, a jump rope and a few other things.  The rubber balls unfortunately deteriorated over time.