732nd RAM UNIT



Your Dad was a great mentor to me and to many in the 732nd and USAF.  He had a great leadership style of performing Flight Engineer check rides. Great to fly with…proud to have served with him.  Mike Ferraro


I flew many trips with Wolfgang while I was in the 732nd.  When I flew with your dad it was always fun. We would always go to the airport supermarket on the civilian side at Frankfurt International. He would buy all kinds of German food to take back to the USA. He would fill these huge bags and have us help lug them back to the military side. Sometimes he would treat us to diner for helping him. Wolfie somehow always would go missing on departure day after placing his bags with the rest of the crews bags outside the hotel. When the bus would pull up we would through all our bags into the crew bus. After the bags were loaded here come Wolfie jumping on the bus. One day the crew said lets put all our bags on and leave his off. When he jumped on the bus ready to go to the flightline we pointed to his bags piled up on the sidewalk. He had to get out and load them. We all got a good laugh that time.  I always enjoyed flying and talking to him. My late mother and father also enjoyed meeting him at RAM picnics. I hope all is well with you and Wolfie.

Doug Demsko



 I remember him being there during my time, which was 87-88 to 95. He took the crews to some great restaurants in Germany on some of our trips. I didn’t fly with him often, but he was a nice guy. Sorry i have no pix – all my albums destroyed in hurricane Ivan.

Carol Arrieta


I also had many a great trip with Wolfgang.  Bob Archer


Hi Tanya, I remember your Dad. I am sorry I don’t have any photos. He was good to fly with and was nizagara a big part of the 732nd. I do remember the going joke was to be careful to pick up any of his luggage when doing a “bag drag.” I think he had half of Germany in his bags. Good luck with your project. I wish I would have taken more pictures during my career. Camera phones have made photo taking so much more spontaneous.
Michele Gaffney
I first flew with Dietmar in 1969 on a Southeast Aisa run. I prednisone remember he had furniture delivered to the airplane at Yokota AB in Japan. Boy that ma could shop !  It was that dark cedar looking stuff. I think that was why he carrried four B4 bags so he could carry all his goodies
Steve Long
Paul Doto Jr. I was a pilot in the 732 MAS prednisone from 1978 – 1998. I have no particular story to tell just that I remember many flights and work in the squadron with your dad. The reserves had a much stronger bond between members since we tended to belong in one squadron for so many years. As one of our senior NCO’s your dad was involved in many of the functions of the squadron and a highly experienced Flight Engineer and always a pleasure to work and fly with. He was just a good guy and fun to be around with.