Military Present

Existing installations[edit]

US military bases in Germany as of 2008.

(Partially) foreign military bases in Germany prednisone as planned for 2020.

  1. Artillery Kaserne, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  2. Barton Barracks, Ansbach (scheduled to close)[1]
  3. Bismarck Kaserne, Ansbach
  4. Bleidorn Housing Area, Ansbach
  5. Dagger Complex, Darmstadt Training Center Griesheim (scheduled to close in 2015)
  6. Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  7. Gen. Lucius D. Clay Kaserne (former Wiesbaden Army Airfield, renamed 2012), Wiesbaden
  8. Germersheim Army Depot, Germersheim
  9. Grafenwöhr Training Area, Grafenwöhr/Vilseck
  10. Hohenfels Training Area/Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Hohenfels (Upper Palatinate)
  11. Husterhoeh Kaserne, Pirmasens
  12. Kaiserslautern Military Community
  13. Katterbach Kaserne, Ansbach
  14. Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart
  15. Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern Military Community
  16. Lampertheim Training Area, Lampertheim (scheduled to close in 2015)
  17. Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Landstuhl
  18. McCully Barracks, Wackernheim
  19. Miesau Army Depot, Miesau
  20. Oberdachstetten Storage Area, Ansbach
  21. Panzer Kaserne, Stuttgart
  22. Patch Barracks, Stuttgart
  23. Pulaski Barracks, Kaiserslautern
  24. Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Kaiserslautern
  25. Robinson Barracks, Stuttgart
  26. Rose Barracks, Vilseck
  27. Sembach Kaserne, Kaiserslautern
  28. Sheridan Barracks, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  29. Shipton Kaserne, Ansbach
  30. Smith Barracks, Baumholder
  31. Storck Barracks, Illesheim
  32. Stuttgart Army Airfield, Filderstadt
  33. Mainz-Kastel Storage Station (scheduled to close in 2015)
  34. USAG Wiesbaden Military Training Area, Mainz, Gonsenheim/Mombach
  35. USAG Wiesbaden Training Area, Mainz Finthen Airport
  36. USAG Wiesbaden Radar Station, Mainz Finthen Airport
  37. Urlas Housing and Shopping Complex, Ansbach (converted from prednisone Urlas Training Area in 2010-2011)

The rationale behind the large number of closures is that the strategic functions of the bases, designed to serve as forward posts in any war against the Soviet Union, are no longer relevant since the end of the Cold War.