Auguste Hedwig Marks



Auguste Hedwig Marks was born on September 16, 1871, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.  At the time the German Empire was founded in 1871, Berlin had a population of 800,000. Wilhelm I of Prussia (1861 – 1888) was crowned German Emperor.


















the child of Reinhold Marks and Ernestine Ruediger.


Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate



marriage cert



document translatino: marriage in Berlin, the 4th Nogember 1896 between the labourer Gottlieb Johann Böhme, lutheran, born 16th january 1873 in (Amt) Kienitz, county of Lebus (Brandenburg), residing in Berlin, Bützestr. 4, son of the unmarried Louise Böhme, now married (with) plumber Böhm, residing in Berlin and Auguste Hedwig Marks, ironer, lutheran, born the 16th September 1871 in Birnbaum, county of Birnbaum (Posen, Birnbaum is nowadays located in Poland and has the name Miedzychod), daughter of the deceased shoemaker Reinhold Marks, finally residing in Birnbaum and his wife Ernestine nee Rüdiger (Ruediger), residing in Birnbaum.



witness marriage second pag




She married Gottlieb Johann Bohme on November 4, 1896, in her hometown.




They had six children .


Birth of Daughter

Her daughter Charlotte was born in 1891 in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Birth of Daughter

Her daughter Hedwig was born on June 6, 1894.

Birth of Daughter

Her daughter Anna Luise Margarethe was born on October 16, 1896, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.  Berlin, 20 October 1896. The labourer Gottlieb Johann Böhme, living in Berlin, Britzenstrasse 4, protestant, announces the birth of a female child in Berlin, Britzenstrasse 4, by the unmarried ironer Auguste Hedwig Marks on October 16, 1896 at 3:30am


Auguste Hedwig Marks lived in Berlin, Berlin, Germany, on December 25, 1897.

Relation to Head of House: Mutter

Birth of Son

Her son Johannes Gottlieb Reinhold was born on December 25, 1897, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Birth of Son

Her son Adolf Bernhard Richard was born on January nizagara 18, 1899, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany. They lived in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Death of Mother

Auguste Hedwig’s mother Ernestine passed away on September 12, 1902, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany, at the age of prednisone 72.

Death of Husband

Her husband Gottlieb Johann passed away on October 31, 1936, at the age of 63. They prednisone had been married 39 years.


Auguste Hedwig Marks died on September 7, 1950, when she was 78 years old.